Heber and Delecta Burton Reunion

Bon-Fire Picnics -- Sat., September 3rd and Sat., September 10th

7:00 P.M. at the Mortensen Fish

Bring a Salad or Dessert

Address: 5803 S. 3100 W. Rexburg, Idaho

There is plenty of room for parking RVs or setting up a tent.

A quilting lodge to go into if it rains.

Jim Mortensen will be available to take you fishing on the Snake River Sept 3rd and Sept 10th. If interested in fishing, please e-mail Jim at


If you have any questions, call Lillian Mortensen at 208-356-5320 or

email kenmortensen@juno.com

Come a Few Days Early:

Eastern Idaho Fair will be going

We will piece quilts and tie them.

Do Scrapbooking (bring pictures)

Crochet and knitting Lessons (teachers will be available)

We can make braided Rugs

Catch Fish in the Fish Pond

Bring inner tubes to float down the river (older children)

Bring Guitar (will have guitar teacher)

Bring any other instruments, also

Hiking and swimming at Heise Hot Springs

Choke-Cherries will be on.

We could go Choke Cherrie picking.

Hiking and Swimming at Heise Hot Springs

Remember to bring sleeping bags

If you are going to go fishing with Jim Mortensen as guide:

E-mail at greatwhitehunter@gmail.com

I have ladies that will teach knitting and crocheting. We will recycle grocery bags and (crochet a tote from plastic strips.) Bring a Size (G ) crochet Hook. We will knit dishcloths. Bring size 8 knitting needles (short). 100% cotton thread for knitted dish cloths. If you want to play guitar, let me know what day you will be coming to practice for program. Call Lillian on phone: 356-5320.

There will be no cost for meals. Food will come from Freezer and Garden. But don't forget on the Saturday Bon-Fire picnics to bring a Salad or Desert. We will hunt for herbs and identify them down the field, Sat 3 and Sat. 10 at 9:00 A.M. Bring your own sewing machine. I will have some available. If you want to sew clothing for yourself, please bring your own material. If you want to piece a quilt, I will have  packets of quilt blocks that have been cut. Each packet will cost $10.00. There will be enough blocks in each packet to make a baby quilt.