August 13, 2005

Family Reunion Report

WOW! We did it!

One hundred and twelve descendents gathered at the GRANITE VIEW STAKE PAVILION at 9880 South 3100 East, in Sandy, Utah, to renew friendships and rejoice in our heritage. From Northern Montana, Washington, and Idaho to Arizona and Southern California, they came with a true pioneer spirit to join with the many family members now living in Utah. And that spirit was important as the day unfolded.

Though the cultural hall floor had just been refinished and we had to move to a smaller room with fans and no microphones for our program, -- and the proposed schedule got all out of whack because some mountain hikers didn't make it off the mountain in time to take their roles in the portrayal of our ancestor stories, -- and we were informed that the room would soon be needed for a baptismal service, Alice Snedeger (three cheers for Alice!) met the obstacles with pioneer fortitude and drafted family members for some improvised acting. The baptism people changed rooms, and we "heard some family stories that we've never heard before."

The stories of our ancestors were some funny, some poignant, and highlighted the strengths these pioneers developed as they met the challenges they faced. We were reminded that we have inherited some of those same strengths and will develop others as we meet the obstacles in our life journeys. As we sang "Old Folks, Young Folks, Everybody Come" with a verse for each of Heber and Delecta's children, we were invited to share tributes and memories of them after each verse.

The picnic, chaired by David and Nita Workman, was yummy with sloppy joes and wonderful family favorite dishes brought from our many different western homes. Games for tiny tots were provided by Katie Beus and Beth Maynes had arranged activities for the older set.

We deeply regret that our Genealogy Meeting with Shauna and Joseph Buchanan got reduced to a short gathering where the new web site: http://hfburton.buchananspot.com/ was introduced and discs containing Shauna's genealogical work were distributed. She will be glad to mail out discs to family members requesting them. You may request them by e-mail: shauna (at) buchananspot.com, by phone: 801-566-1083, or by postal service: 7472 Silver Circle, West Jordan, UT 84084.

Shauna has updated many family records and we are grateful she is making her research available to all of the family.

We have 2 follow-up requests for those who attended.
Please send to Joseph, our web-master at: joseph (at) buchananspot.com, or at the address given above, the stories that were shared or others you would like to share. For instance, Burton Winters had a book Aunt Margaret had compiled of memories of her brothers and sisters. Wouldn't it be fun to have these stories on our web page?

I believe Burton expressed our feelings well when he said, "As long as there are cousins who want to get together, we should continue to have the Heber & Delecta family reunion." Madelyn Dilworth and Lillian Mortensen have offered to host the next reunion. Could we set a date for the next reunion and avoid conflicts with other reunions? Please let us know whether you prefer August 2009 or August 2010. Is the second Saturday in August as we had it this year a good date?

Thanks to all who helped make this such a fun time. We'll be looking forward to the next one!