Material collected and compiled by Josephine Burton Bagley; retyped and edited by Mary Jeanne Jenness, 2005.

James Burton was born and christened the 15th of April, 1751. He was the eldest son of Mathew Burton and Mabel Burrow. Rosemond Clarkson was christened the 18th of March 1853. She was the daughter of Joseph and Mary Clarkson, and was born in Simistone of Hardraw, Yorkshire, England. They were married the 23 of November 1775 at Hawes. Their first home was in Hawes, and their first five children were born there. Their last ten children were born in Gayle of Hawes, Yorkshire, England.

This James Burton was probably a farmer. His death certificate states he was a woolcomer. This vocation may have been learned and practiced operating his own agricultural holdings. The little we know of their family seems to indicate they were reared on a farm.

Daughter Mabel was skilled in use of the scythe, which was used at that time to cut and harvest grain and hay. (In 1851 we find Mabel, a widow at the age of seventy years, with unmarried 25 year old son, a 10 year old scholar grandson, and a 7 year old granddaughter, operating 94 acres, employing no help.) Son, William Walton was skilled in handling horses.

James Burton died the 14th of April 1842 at the age of 91 years 364 days, at Appersett, near Hawes Yorkshire, England, probably at the home of his daughter, Mabel, wife of Christopher Metcalf. Rosemond Clarkson died the 7th of November 1829 at the age of almost 77 years.