Compiled by Josephine Bagley Burton

Mathew Burton, the eldest son of James Burton and Isabel Sedgswick, was christened the 15th of February 1716. Mabel Burrow, daughter of Robert Burrow and Elizabeth Collinson, was christened the 10th of December 1719. Mathew and Mabel were married the 26th of May 1738. They lived in Dent, Yorkshire, England. He left no will, but we have found where he was named in three wills:

In the will of his maternal grandfather, Mathew Sedgswick, he and his cousin, Leonard Mason, received right of land and property in 1723. In 1769, Mathew Burton, his two sons and four daughters were names as beneficiaries in the will of his deceased motherÍs only brother, Edward Burrow. In 1881 in the will of Robert Burrow, only child of Edward Burrow, ñI give and devise all my free-hold estate, messages, tenements with all and singular the lands, grounds, hereditaments and premises situated and lying and being at Gawthrope in Dent„unto my cousin, James Burton, son of my late Uncle Mathew Burton.î He also names the other five children of Mathew Burton and Mabel as beneficiaries. Cousin, Robert Burton of London was given 100 pounds, had his five sisters, Isabelle, Mary (wife of George Moses), Ann, and Elizabeth Burton, 40 pounds each.

Evidently Mathew married Margaret after MabelÍs death, as in the settlement of his property, it was done in the name of Margaret, widow of Mathew Burton, administratrix.


Compiled by Josephine Bagley Burton

James Burton was born about the 1685. Isabel Sedgswick was christened the 17th of May 1690. They were married the 12th of May 1715 and lived in Haycoat, Dent, Yorkshire, in the Parish of Sedgberg. In our careful search we found no will, but we have found his name in other peopleÍs wills, where he has either been appointed as an executor or mentioned as ñmy trusted friend.î