Old folks, young folks, everybody come.
Join the Burton sing-a-long and have a lot of fun.
Please check your Game Boys and cell phones at the door...
And you'll hear some family stories that you never heard before.

Heber & Delecta
Heber was a farmer; Delecta was his wife.
In Star Valley Wyoming they had a happy life.
Deep in gorgeous mountains they raised a lovely brood.
Integrity and honor were they rules by which they stood

Warren & Esther
Esther married Warren; a logging man by trade.
They moved into a cabin...so primitive it's said.
Had no running water and a privy stood right close.
Don't need a plumber...'cause it never over flows.

Winfield & Almira
Dear Almira worked so hard her feet became so sore.
She found that Winfield's Sunday shoes gave comfort more and more.
She tried to hide her secret until one fateful day...
Someone flashed a cam-era and put her on display!

Richard & Elma
Richard loved rice pudding and told the family too.
Especially the raisins his mother did include.
He teased Mary Ellen that hers were really flies.
Until she couldn't eat them and he gobbled them with pride!

Stewart & Leona
Stewart was a farmer; a garden he did grow.
Many kinds of vegetables he planted row by row.
Lots of friends and relatives would come to say "hello";
Leona gave them bags of them before she'd let them go.

Margaret & Francis
Margaret---quite a rider at fourteen years of age.
Summer home was opened; the skunks they did engage.
Grandpa took a bear trap and caught the skunk right quick.
Margaret dragged him on a rope and drowned him in the creek.

Kathryn & Ted
Kathryn taught in Afton...she didn't like it there.
In Evanston she found a job; to Grandpa gave a scare.
It was such a rough town, he thought that she would fall;
But she met Ted the railroad man---got married that is all!!

Minerva & Newell
Newell met Minerva and fell head o'er heels in love,
They traveled to the temple to seal with holy vows.
Sisters planned a secret dinner--- cooked with all their might.
The newly weds surprised them and did not come home that night.

Kendrick & Mary Ellen
Ken and Mary Ellen---had a happy life.
Until a dish of ice cream brought a bit of strife.
Kendrick said his ice cream was a wee bit cold
His dearie put it in a pan and boiled it on the stove.